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Welcome to the website of the Law Firm
Inter Legal Albania.

Here we represent the services provided by our law firm, mainly focused - but not only - in the field of civil and commercial law.

The firm consists of a staff of dedicated lawyers, who protect the rights and interests of their clients with professionalism and integrity.

Thanks to the commitment and serious work of its founders, our law firm has become the benchmark for many commercial companies with foreign capital.

“Inter Legal Albania” is one of the few law firms in Albania, which provides consultancy in German, Italian, English and of course, Albanian language.
The associated lawyers have studied and worked in different countries of the European Union and have good knowledge of the law of those countries. Along with our philosophy of work they represent one of the most valuable assets of the firm.

We represent clients - international trade companies, foreign investors – even through partner law firms in different countries.

The Law firm owes the achieved success to its professionalism and understanding and to the trust given by the clients, who represent our best marketing.