Careful assessment of the client's objective

Klajd Karameta LLM

Klajd Karameta is one of the managing partners of the Law firm. He has worked as legal expert for the German government (GIZ – Open Regional Fund LR) in the domain of the Legal Reform in Albania, mainly focused in the economic legislation. He has also coordinated the reform of the private enforcement system in Albania in collaboration with the Albanian Ministry of Justice. He is specialized in the commercial companies’ law, foreign investments, contractual law etc.
Klajd has studied law in the University of Hamburg, Germany and has concluded the master studies in the domain of the European Law at Europa Kolleg, Germany. He is a PH.D. candidate in the domain of the European Law and speaks fluently English and German and has good knowledge of French and Italian. He is a member of the Albanian Bar Association since 2008.

Xhensila Kadi LLM

Xhensila Kadi is one of the partners of the Law firm.
She teaches bankruptcy law and family law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana. She is specialized in commercial law, companies’ law, family law, trademarks and patents.
She has studied Law at the “La Sapienza” University, Rome, Italy. She has concluded her master studies (LLM) in international business law in Italy. She is a PH.D. candidate in the domain of the commercial and family law. Xhensila speaks fluently Italian and English.